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Guidelines for Requesting Information Literacy Instruction for Your Classes

What The Librarians Will Do:

The librarians welcome all requests for information literacy (IL) instruction. We are happy to tailor instruction to your specific class. IL sessions can be as brief as fifteen minutes or can extend over several class sessions. We will also do the instruction in a variety of venues. The usual place for instruction is in the Library Lab adjacent to the Reference Office, but we will also come to your classroom or lab, or wherever works best for your class. We also will construct web pages with information resources for your course or discipline and will bring appropriate handouts.

Guidelines for Subject Faculty

  • Class sessions are scheduled on a first-come first-served basis. Please book your classes early in order to get the times you want and also to give your liaison librarian time to prepare.
  • Instruction about information resources works best when it is linked to a specific assignment. Please have an assignment in mind or work with us to develop one for your class before you schedule IL instruction.
  • Faculty should plan to attend the information literacy instruction session with their classes. A creative exchange among professor, students, and librarian make for the most effective instruction; everyone ends up learning something.
  • Faculty are encouraged to schedule more than one session of IL instruction. These sessions may be held on successive class days or may be spread at intervals during the semester. The information environment is so complex that students need time to work with and assimilate the required concepts. Your liaison librarian will gladly work with you to develop a plan.

Request Library Instruction

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