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Selected Resources for Geology

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Call Numbers for Geology

Following are some of the common call numbers for books on relevant topics. It is useful when browsing for books to have a general call number, but it is not a replacement for doing an EZRA (our online catalog) search.

GB Physical Geology
GB 400-649 Geomorphology GB 651-2998 Hydrology
GE Environmental Sciences
QE Geology
QE 1-350.62 General Geology QE 601-613.5 Structural Geology
QE 351-399.2 Minerology QE 640-699 Stratigraphy
QE 420-499 Petrology QE 701-760 Paleontology
QE 500-639.5 Dynamic and Structural Geology QE 760.8-899.2 Paleozoology
QE 521-545 Volcanoes and Earthquakes QE 901-996.5 Paleobotany

Locating Books in Library Catalogs

At Wittenberg: EZRA -- the online catalog
At other Ohio academic Libraries: OhioLINK
In North America For ILL: WorldCat

Books on Scientific Writing and Presentations

Scientific Writing: Easy When You Know How by Jennifer Peat et. al.
Link to electronic book
The Craft of Scientific Presentations: Critical Steps to Succeed and Critical Errors to Avoid by Michael Alley
Main StacksQ223 .A38 2013
Link to electronic book
Scientific Writing: Thinking in Words by David Lindsay
Main Stacks T11 .L52864 2011
From Research to Manuscript: a Guide to Scientific Writing by Michael Jay Katz
Link to electronic book
Scientific Papers and Presentations by Martha Davis
Main Stacks T11 .D324 1997
The Art of Scientific Writing by Hans Friedrich Ebel
Main Stacks QD9.15 .E23 2004

Reference Books

Below is a select list of reference books relating to the geological sciences. These books can be found in the science and main libraries as noted.

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology (20 volumes)
Access Science @ McGraw-Hill: the Online Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms
Reference Q123 .M15 2003 (6th edition)
Main Stacks Oversize Q123 .M34 1993 (5th edition)
Dictionary of Geology and Earth Sciences
Reference QE5 .D55 2013
Macmillan Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences (2 volumes)
Reference QE5 .E5137 1996
Encyclopedia of Geology (5 volumes)
Reference QE5 .E516 2005
Glossary of Geology
Main Stacks QE5 .G37 1980
Geology (2 volumes)
Main Stacks QE5 .G465 1999
Link to electronic book
McGraw-Hill dictionary of geology and mineralogy
Main Stacks QE5 .M3654 2003
Encyclopedia of Minerals
Reference QE355 .R6 1990
Igneous Rocks: A Classification and Glossary of Terms
Main Stacks QE461 .I446 2002
Metamorphic Rocks: A Classification and Glossary of Terms
Main Stacks QE475 .A2 M4746 2007
Encyclopedia of Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Main Stacks QE521 .R58 2001
Encyclopedia of Volcanoes
Main Stacks QE522 .E53 2000
Link to electronic book


Index to 200 years of articles on geology and earth sciences.
Index to over 4.8 million citations in all areas of agriculture, from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Agricultureal Library.
Environment Complete
Covers all areas of environmental science and indexes 1,200 journals, some full text.
Web of Science -- Science Citation Index
Index and cited references for articles in the sciences.
Green File
Covers all aspects of human impacts on the environment. 1913 to present.
JSTOR is an archive of over 1700 journals mainly in the sciences and humanities. Please note that for many journals in JSTOR there is an embargo period meaning that the most recent few years will not be included in full text.
Chemical Abstracts (STN Easy)
Chemical Abstracts covers all areas of Chemistry including those of interest to biologists. It is a good place to look for topics in the realm of Biochemistry. Unlike most of our databases, we have limited hours of access and a password is required. Please talk to a reference librarian to learn more about our hours of access and password.
Academic Search Complete
Academic Search Complete is a multi-subject database containing both scholarly and popular publications. Some material is available in full-text. It is a good starting place for introductory level classes.
One Search (Discovery Service)
One Search allows you to search OhioLINK, EZRA and the majority of our article databases and a few other sources all at once.

A full list of Geology related indexes available at Wittenberg can be found at:


Periodicals are where most of the information for your research papers will come. Remember that there are scholarly publications as well as popular publications You will most likely want to stick to scholarly publications for your research. For hints on how to tell the two apart, please see Scholarly vs. Popular Articles.

Wittenberg owns many scientific journals in both print and electronic formats. The links below will help you to find out what journals we own, the format, and where they are located.

Journals the Library Has
This is a searchable index of the periodicals Wittenberg owns in electronic and print formats. Location and dates owned are also provided.

Journal Interlibrary Loan Form
Use Interlibrary Loan to request articles not owned at Wittenberg from other libraries. Please see the form for more details.


When using the internet, always be thinking critically about what you are viewing. Good and bad information both reside on the internet and it isn't always easy to tell the two apart. For hints on spotting good web pages, please see the library's page on Evaluating Web Sites.

U.S. Geological Survey
Geological and environmental information presented by the United States government.
The Geological Society of America
Website of the Geological Society of America, an organization for professional geologists.
United States Department of Agriculture
The USDA provides information on agriculture, natural resources, land use, food and public policies affecting these areas.
Ohio State University Extension
A wealth of information about agriculture, business, natural resources and community development for the state of Ohio. For Cooperative Extension information outside the state of Ohio, try the Cooperative Extension System Offices webpage from the USDA, National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

If you choose to use internet sites as information resources, you must cite them just as you must cite a book or journal article. For help citing webpages and other online resources, take a look at Citing Electronic Resources.


If you are having trouble with your research, please contact Alisa Mizikar, the Science Librarian, via email at or call 937-327-7515. You can also contact any of the reference librarians at or at 937-327-7511.

Compiled by Alisa Mizikar.

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