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This page is meant to give you basic places to begin your research. For more complex searches, ask a reference librarian.

I. Books

To find books and media on your topic:
EZRA: the Wittenberg University library catalog.
Start with a keyword search: e.g. springfield and history

Some useful titles about Springfield, Clark County, and Wittenberg:
Springfield and Clark County, Ohio - Ref. F499.S7 F4 1941
Who's Who in Ohio. Thomas Rare F490.W6 1930
Springfield, Ohio : In the Heart of the Mad River Valley -
Thomas Rare Oversize F499.S7 S7 1936
One Hundred Seventy-Five Years of Struggle: History of Black people in
Springfield, Ohio - Thomas Rare F499.S7 W5 1976
Springfield, Ohio City Directory - Ref. AY272.S7 W7
Note: Issues before 2005 are shelved in Ref. Storage.
Fourteenth census of population, 1920. Ohio. Clark Co. [microform]
Microforms HA 201 1920 .A15 no.1353 -1354
Springfield Ohio: A Progressive, Accessible, Industrial City. (1929)
In the OhioLINK catalog.
Springfield & Clark County : An Illustrated History -
Thomas Rare F499.S7 K56 1985
Heartland: An Exhibition from the Collection of the Heritage Center of Clark County -
Main Oversize F499.S7 K96 2001
Wittenberg: A Concise History - Ref. Desk LD6183.K45 1976
Wittenberg in Clark County 1845-1970 - Ref. Desk LD6183.K55 1970

For General Background on Society and Culture:
Chronology of World History - Ref. D11.M39
This Fabulous Century - Main Oversize E161.T55 v. 3 (1920-1930)
American Decades - E169.12 .A419 1994 v. 3 (1920-1929)
Historical Statistics of the United States: Ref. HA202.H57 2006

OhioLINK: merged catalogs of more than 80 Ohio academic libraries


II. Internet Resources

Clark County Historical Society Clark County Public Library
Text of the 1881 History of Springfield

How to cite online sources

III. Finding Journal Articles
Guidelines on how to distinguish scholarly from popular articles

To find articles:
America: History and Life - "U.S. and Canadian history, prehistory to present".
No full text is provided, but article summaries are .

New York Times - Historical - Full text of the New York Times from its
inception in 1851 through 1999.

Readers' Guide Retrospective - Provides references to articles in popular American
magazines, 1890-1982. No full text, but we have many of the magazines

For other ideas, see the fullList of Indexes and Databases, with nearly 200
database options.

To locate journals:
At Wittenberg: Search Journals the Library Has, for a list of
magazines and journals that Wittenberg owns, both online and in hard copy.

At other academic libraries: Use Interlibrary Loan.

Locating journals can be tricky, difficult, and generally exasperating.
If you run into trouble, a reference librarian will be glad to assist you.


IV. People Help

Wittenberg librarians welcome your questions.
If you have any questions at all about your research--how to get started or how to proceed--contact us. We will respond promptly.
Reference Desk - - (Whoever sees it first will reply.)
Suzanne Smailes - - for Archives questions

Ken Irwin -
Alisa Mizikar -
Kristen Peters -

Compiled by Regina Entorf, Wittenberg University Library; updated by Doug Lehman
Last updated 6-14-07/RPE; 11-7-17/DKL


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