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Japanese Newspapers / New York Times:
Library Locations and Resources
Wittenberg University

New York Times- Historical - Full text of the New York Times from its inception
in 1851 through 1999.
Issues after 1999 are on microfilm and have their own index located on
the index shelves, or go toLexis-Nexis General News for indexing and full text back to 1980.

Japan Times

Years 1897-1999 are on microfilm. Current issues are on paper in the Current
Periodicals area of the second floor; earlier issues up to a year old are housed
on the first floor on the newspaper shelves.

Indexing for the Japan Times is limited. There is an index on microfilm
for the years 1989 through 2001. Each yearly index is on a separate film reel, which
is filed before the film of the year it covers. Lexis-Nexis provides indexing and full text
of the Japan Times from January 1, 1998 to present. In the News section, select
World News and then Asia-Pacific News Sources. You can further specify Japan Times
if you want to..

An alternate approach is to look your topic up in the New York Times Index
to identify the date(s) involved, and then look up those dates in the JapanTimes.

Japan Weekly Mail
1871, 1873-75, 1877, 1882-94, 1897 are on microfilm.

Tokio Times
1877-1880 are on microfilm.
Tokio Times Index (Jan 1877 - Jun 1880) - Index to Tokio Times for issues held at Wittenberg.

For general background information on a topic related to Japan, you may want to consult:
Japan: An Illustrated Encyclopedia 2 vols. Ref. DS805.J263 1993
Kodansha Encyclopedia online
Modern Japan: An Encyclopedia of History, Culture, and Nationalism
Ref. DS805.M63 1998

As always, if you need help with any phase of your research in these titles,
just email the librarians. We're here to help you!

Compiled by Regina Entorf, Wittenberg University
Last revised6-4-07/RPE

© 2007 Wittenberg University



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