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Guide to Placing Material on Reserve
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Form for Placing Media Reserves
Form for Requesting Copyright Permission

These suggestions will speed the process by assuring the provision of the necessary information to permit the publisher to respond to copying requests.

  1. Request permission before you make the photocopies. The earlier your request is received, the better. If permission is not granted, you will want time to substitute other materials.
  2. Direct your request to the publisher's copyrights and permissions department and not to the author. The page containing the copyright notice shows who owns the copyright, the year of publication and the publisher's name. (Include this page with any photocopied material sent to the library to be placed on Reserve.)
  3. Request permission whether or not works are in print.
    1. Author's, editor's, translator's full name(s)
    2. Title, edition and volume number of book or journal
    3. Copyright date
    4. ISBN for books or ISSN for magazines/journals
    5. Numbers of the exact pages, figures and illustrations
    6. Both exact chapter(s) and exact page numbers, if you are requesting a chapter or more.
    7. Number of copies to be made (cannot exceed course enrollment)
    8. Whether material will be used alone or combined w/other photocopied materials
    9. How material is to be used--supplementary, handouts in class, etc.
    10. Name of college/university
    11. Course name and number
    12. Semester and year in which material will be used
    13. Instructor's full name
  4. Include all of the following information in your request:
  5. Provide your complete address and the name of a contact person and telephone number in case there are any questions.

As an alternative to the above, faculty members have the option of using the services of the Copyright Clearance Center to gain permission. This can be accomplished online ( and in a short period of time; however, a fee must normally be paid (usually by the professor or department). Normally, permission may be obtained from the publisher without having to pay for them.

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