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Witt Math

Mathematics is an important language through which we understand our universe and seek to improve our existence.

WittMath is an organization that meets bi-monthly to discuss mathematical topics and participate in fun, math-based activities. In the past we have tested the limits on the amount of pressure fruit can handle, shown practical applications in how much rubber bands can stretch with the assistance of a Barbie princess, and met to watch movies which facilitate mathematical discussion while we eat pizza. In addition, we celebrate Pi Day with the entire campus, and co-host STEM night for local Girl Scouts to learn about how much fun math and computer science can be. In the past we have played equation BINGO, gone through a coding maze, played with Tangrams, written binary with cereal, and built and used abaci (the official WittMath plural of "abacus"). Each meeting is met with fun, laughter, and cookies!

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