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Alumni Association

A Letter from the President of the Alumni Association

Greetings, fellow Alumni. I'm told that there are more than 29,000 of us worldwide. That means that there are more than 29,000 individuals for whom the phrases "Having light, we pass it on to others" and "Tiger up!" serve as both a memory-jogger and a call-to-arms. As Alumni we appreciate and benefit from Wittenberg's enduring reputation for academic excellence. Our faculty members continue to distinguish themselves in their respective fields, our students are as bright and service-oriented as ever, and our athletic teams are a constant source of pride.

If you're like many of us, following Commencement in the Hollow, you went on to make your way in the world, whether that meant graduate school or employment, or both, and return trips to campus have been infrequent at best. Well, not to worry, the campus is as beautiful as ever. Wittenberg is still home to some of Ohio's most historic buildings and the proposed Health, Wellness & Athletics facility promises to be a state-of-the-art game-changer that will be utilized by virtually every member of the campus community.

Also, like many of us, you may have been operating under the assumption that with a $25K-per-semester price tag, our alma mater must be awash in financial support of the multi-million-dollar variety, and you might think that your contribution would be unlikely to make a difference to the bottom line. Well, on that score, please know that while the university's Board of Directors and senior leadership team are doing their part to address the financial challenges facing all institutions of higher learning these days, there is simply no substitute for the financial support of Alumni.

That said, while donating money is certainly a great way to give back to Wittenberg, Alumni support can actually take many forms. For instance you can represent Wittenberg at a nearby college fair, or work with the Admission staff to arrange a campus visit for a local high school senior. You can mentor a current student or recent graduate whose academic major is the same as yours, or conduct a practice interview or resume review with a Wittenberg senior moving one step closer to graduation. The list goes on-- after all, as Alumni we not only understand the university's value proposition, we are living testaments to all that Wittenberg has to offer.

On behalf of the Alumni Board, the governing body of the Alumni Association, I invite you to take one or two small steps this week to reconnect with Wittenberg. Of course your charitable contribution in any amount would be greatly appreciated, but beyond that I hope you will consider other possibilities as well. Whether you decide to reminisce with a former roommate, surprise a cherished professor with a call or a card, update your wardrobe with some new logo-gear from the bookstore, or plan your very own visit to campus in the near future, something tells me you'll be glad you did.

Tiger Up!
A.S.Vikki Hooper '78
Alumni Board
Executive Committee

A.S. Vikki Hooper '78

Stephanie Rodelander '69
Past President

Brian May '99
President Elect
Board Governance

Ashley Harriman '07

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