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Nationally-recognized for the excellence of its teaching and the accessibility of its professors, Wittenberg University fosters an environment where the teacher-scholar can thrive through faculty development opportunities and through collaborative projects and initiatives with other faculty, with staff, and with students.

Programming varies from semester to semester and currently includes two Book Clubs — one reading How to Run a College (Brian C. Mitchell and W. Joseph King) and another reading Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? And Other Conversations about Race (Beverly Daniel Tatum, Ph.D.). Both book clubs include faculty, administrators, staff, and board members. Look for the announcement of new initiatives arising from these shared discussions.

This December look for a workshop on the use of open source materials and this spring a series of workshops on Mindfulness and Well Being at Wittenberg. Also, watch for an announcement of a new series of dinners highlighting faculty scholarship and promoting collegiality. Finally, the popular Wittenberg Writing Camp for professors and other university researchers will return in mid-May.

The Faculty Development Administrator works with the Faculty Development Board:

  • to implement and collaborate on programs and initiatives;
  • to serve as a resource for faculty or other groups on current issues related to faculty development and career development; to meet with academic departments as well as special groups to determine needs for information, programming, workshops, materials, among other items;
  • to organize workshops, lunches, and other programs geared to faculty needs; to work with individual faculty members, confidentially, on improvement of their teaching as requested by individual faculty members;
  • to develop and implement with the Teaching Effectiveness Committee formative methods of teaching evaluation;
  • to manage the faculty development program for new faculty; and to maintain a library of information on teaching and professional opportunities for faculty.

Faculty Development Staff

Cynthia Richards

Cynthia Richards, Ph.D.
Professor of English
Faculty Development Administrator

Hollenbeck Hall 108
(937) 327-7053


June Viers
Institutional Research Coordinator
Office of Institutional Research
Recitation Hall 209
(937) 327-6142

Faculty Development Board (2018-2019 academic year)

  • Kristen Peters, Librarian and Chair of the Committee
  • Kristin Cline, Chemistry
  • Lauren Crane, Psychology
  • Elena Dahl, Art
  • Tim Wilkerson, Languages
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