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Statement of Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students may continue to receive financial assistance as long as they meet the academic standards of the college and as long as they make "satisfactory progress" toward their degree requirements. Federal regulations require that this progress be measured both qualitatively and quantitatively. This progress is measured in the following manner:

Year Completed Semester Hours Required Cumulative GPA
1 24 1.75
2 52 2.00
3 80 2.00
4 105 2.00
5 130 2.00

Termination of Aid

If a student fails to earn the required number of credits and/or maintain the required GPA, the student may be ineligible for further financial aid until the minimum standards are met.

Appeal Procedures

If a student fails to meet one or more of the satisfactory academic progress requirements due to mitigating circumstances (such as illness or family emergency), he/she may appeal in writing to the Executive Director of Financial Aid.

If the student's financial aid is restored, an individual progress plan for that student will be developed.

Satisfactory Progress Guidelines

  1. Satisfactory progress is determined at least once a year for each recipient of financial aid. However, if at any time it becomes evident that a student is not making satisfactory progress, the student can be declared ineligible for further assistance.
  2. A student can receive federal assistance for a maximum of 12 semesters. This is to allow for a change of major or loss of credit due to a transfer. (Institutional aid is available for up to eight semesters, but may be extended for a ninth or tenth semester based on a special appeal filed with the Executive Director of Financial Aid.).
  3. A transfer student is considered as any other student initially enrolling and is evaluated on only the academic record (including semester hours transferred) at Wittenberg University.
  4. The summer semester is considered a regular semester and part of the academic year in determining satisfactory progress requirements.
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