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Employee Assistance Plan

EmployeeConnectSM Services

The EmployeeConnect program is designed to assist faculty and staff with solutions for everyday challenges of work and home as well as for more serious issues involving emotional and physical well-being. 

With EmployeeConnect, you have direct, free and around-the-clock 24/7 access to a team of counselors for confidential support, guidance and resources. 

Toll-free telephone consultations - Speak candidly and confidentially with an expert counselor to help clarify your concerns, sort through your options and get recommendations for appropriate resources.


Face-to-face consultations - When appropriate, telephone counselors can arrange in-person sessions with a local counselor or adviser.

To learn more about the EmployeeConnect program offered through Lincoln Financial, please visit (user name = LFGsupport; password = LFGsupport1) or talk with a specialist at 1-888-628-4824. 

Click this link to view the brochure:  EmployeeConnect SMServices


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