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Wittenberg University provides a liberal arts education dedicated to intellectual inquiry and wholeness of person within a diverse residential community. Reflecting its Lutheran heritage, Wittenberg challenges students to become responsible global citizens, to discover their callings, and to lead personal, professional and civic lives of creativity, service, compassion and integrity.

The Faculty Development Board has five principal objectives:

  • The improvement of teaching (New Course Grants, Course Revision Grants, and Faculty Aides)
  • Assisting faculty members to deepen and broaden competence in their chosen field and their contributions to the Academic community (Professional Enrichment Grants)
  • The redirection of faculty moving to another department or out of academe (Redirection Grant)
  • The extension of a tenured faculty member's education where such a pursuit will lead to professional growth that enhances departmental offerings and the academic strength of the University (Faculty Growth Projects)
  • Recognition and support of worthy teachers and their work (The Edith B. and Frank C. Matthies Award)
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