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The Application Process

Employers who are looking to fill part-time or seasonal jobs typically request that job seekers complete an application form. Because these forms are often used to screen applicants, you'll want to review the link, Creating the Perfect Employment Application. If you have a resume, you may be tempted to submit it in place of the employment application. Don't do this without first checking with the employer! Many employers have union agreements that require them to use specific application forms.

Some employers, generally small businesses, don't utilize application forms and will request that you submit a resume and cover letter. Many students find this to be a challenge because they either have limited experiences to highlight or don't know how to promote their experiences in a way that will appeal to employers. Let us help - we can suggest how to create résumés and cover letters that will be eye-catching. Once you have you have a draft completed, you can have it critiqued during our walk-in hours or by scheduling an appointment.

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