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Writing Resources: Grammar

Perhaps no topic generates more discussion in the world of teaching writing than grammar. Can we teach it? Should we teach it? How do we teach it? Well, this page is designed by those who believe we can and should teach it, and the following are links to sites that offer some resources on how to do so. Some of the sites offer quizzes; others allow students to research a certain aspect of grammar, such as restrictive and nonrestrictive elements.

  • Guide to Grammar and Writing - An excellent site with descriptions, examples, quizzes, and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Grammar Bytes - A super-neat site with exercises, explanations, and cool (virtual) prizes.
  • Purdue University OWL - Convenient handouts on grammar and usage for help with problems such as comma splices and run-on sentences.
  • Paradigm Online Writing Assistant - Paradigm is an interactive, menu-driven, online writer's guide and handbook written in HTML and distributed freely over the WWW. It uses hypertext structure to create a web of links and text frames that you can navigate quickly and easily by clicking your desired choice.
  • The Elements of Style - The classic text online.
  • LEO Editing & Proofreading Strategies - A handout that focuses on ways to self-edit.
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