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Senior Presentations April 12th

The English Department's 2019 annual Senior Symposium is Friday, April 12th! Support our seniors and benefit from all their scholarly efforts by sitting in on a session or two (or more!) of presentations. To know the who, what, where and when of all this, see the detailed schedule below.

The sessions are listed in order of times they will be taking place throughout the day. You can click on the Panel letter to go to the participants/presentation titles for that panel below. 
From 9:00-10:30am is Session I, with Panels A and B presenting;
from 10:45am-12:15pm is Session II, with Panels C and D presenting; 
from 1:00-2:30pm, Session III Panels E and F will present;
from 2:45-4:15pm, Session IV Panel G will give the final presentations.
To see and/or download a .pdf version of the detailed schedule you see below,

English majors can earn a colloquium credit for attending a full session, up to two credits during the entire symposium. For a less detailed, printable schedule of the sessions, 







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