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From history to occupational therapy, Wittenberg partners with many prestigious institutions to provide a direct path into an advanced degree program.

To fully prepare students with the credentials required for their chosen profession, Wittenberg has expanded academic opportunities by offering cooperative programs with some of the nation's most distinguished universities.

In many of these programs, students spend their first three years at Wittenberg before continuing their studies at the partner institution. Typically upon successful completion of the first year at the partner institution, students receive their bachelor's degree from Wittenberg. Although admission to most of these programs is not guaranteed, Wittenberg students have achieved high placement rates over the years.

Cooperative programs include:

  • Engineering: 3-2 Programs with Case Western Reserve University and Columbia University
  • Forestry and Environmental Studies with Duke University
  • Miami University (Ohio) Cooperative Program in History
  • Miami University (Ohio) Cooperative Program in Mathematics
  • Nursing: 3-4 Program with Case Western Reserve University
  • Occupational Therapy: 3-2 Program with Washington University
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